Candidate Comments

"John made the whole recruiting process about what I was looking for and what was important to ME!  I'll always appreciate that he was easy going when it came to my kids and was flexible with my schedule. He was open, courteous, thoughtful and had some great opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would HIGHLY recommend him to others."


"There's no way that I would have landed this role without your help. The time you invested to make sure I was ready for each and every interview was priceless! I can't say thank you enough."

- Carrie L.

"Simply the best! John is extremely professional, easy to communicate with and he will line up interviews to jobs that fit 100% of your requirements."

- Gina D.


"It's funny, I get emails almost daily from recruiters and it always felt like I was just another number in their Rolodex, some times different recruiters from the same staffing firm would reach out.  You were different in that I felt you'd make a sincere effort on my behalf instead of simply trying to plug me in anywhere to get a commission.  I really appreciate it as you were not the norm."

- Larry R.

"With John's coaching I was able to land my dream job! John will work hard for you and give you good feedback. He has your best interest at heart. I would recommend him to anyone!"

- S.P.

"I loved what I was doing, just not where I was doing it. You showed me that there actually were firms out there that cared about their employee's work-life balance. Thank you! I'm excited about my new path and looking forward to the future for the first time in a long time!" 

- Pat T. 

"I wanted to send you a note and say a huge THANK YOU! From our first conversation to my job offer, you took a genuine interest in my job search. Even though the offer I accepted was from another company, I never felt the typical "pressure" that so many other recruiters make you feel. What a breath of fresh air." 

- Jennifer P. 

"In every conversation, your interaction with me was personal yet professional. You have a way of making people feel like they have a friend for life - someone that truly cares not just about today, but about my long-term success in my career. What a huge difference in an industry that can be so impersonal!"

- Jerry M.

Benaiah Consulting Group takes the time to connect people with firms/companies that are a good fit. They ask good questions and give importance to what the candidate wants - not just what's good for the company ."

- Mary A.

Client Comments

"It has been my pleasure to get to know John both professionally and personally over the past 2+ years. In a highly commoditized field, John has a truly differentiating approach to recruiting – he does the work. Rather than fill my inbox with resumes for me to sort through, John does his work to find the one to three people that would each be an excellent fit. The interview process is then about determining which candidate fits best with my team, rather than the resume spelling error search, skill set keyword matching game or the canned top 10 interview grilling questions. John is a business partner, an asset to my company and I recommend him highly."

- CFO Client

"I've had the pleasure of working with John for several years as the Director of Talent Acquisition. John is a true business partner. He cares about his clients and really wants to understand their business needs. John will take the time to learn about the position(s) he and his team are filling…He is responsive, no matter the time or the day of the week. He is a great communicator and he works to develop his team to do the same. I would love to work with John again in the future."

- Director Talent Acquisition Client

"We have worked with John for the last three hires in our firm and he has made our recruiting process more effective and valuable than it's ever been. John took the time to meet with our leadership team, understand what our needs were not only right now, but what our vision was in the future. That front-end work is something that most recruiters just don't take the time to do. It's obvious that it helps because our decision went from a traditional "settling" on a good candidate to actually getting to "select" from three great options."

-  Partner Consulting Firm Client