The Talent Acquisition World Has Changed

Why Haven't You Changed With It?

Technology and other available resources have gone a long way to level the playing field in the third-party recruiting world.

So why are you still acquiring talent at a cost that many times crushes your hiring budget for an entire year?

Some will argue that it's a "get what you pay for" proposition. Usually the ones making that case are the ones charging you 25-35% of your hired candidate's first year salary. 

This is where Benaiah Consulting Group is changing the landscape of recruiting:

  • 30 years' experience solving customer's staffing challenges
  • Over 6,000 professionals placed in new careers in that time frame
  • Professional and reasons-based candidate presentations - no emails with 8-10 resumes sent your way and a "hey, tell me what you think about these candidates" message
  • Clear, concise simple fee structure

A Top-Shelf recruiting experience with exceptional results at a fixed 10% Fee! 

All of our recruiting is performed in the United States and never farmed out to an offshore foreign recruiting center or third-party RPO. We are committed to delivering the absolute best candidates that the market has to offer.

Sound too good to be true? Let's connect so that you can assess for yourself.

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